They are allies that support our scientific knowledge throughout the entire adventure


Spain has placed the 2030 Agenda at the centre of its political action as a shared commitment, focusing on the drive for present and future measures to ensure sustainable progress for everyone. It is essential to promote multi-stakeholder partnerships through leadership and citizen mobilisation, through the commitment of everyone to transform today’s society. The 2030 Agenda represents a new Global Social Contract that will generate sustainable development and ensure no one is left behind.


The mission of Ecodes is to seek partners among the citizenry, civil society organisations, companies, and government agencies to accelerate the transition to an inclusive, responsible, green economy, framed by within a new gobernance, through innovation and the building of bridges and alliances.


The #PorElClima Community was born in 2015 after the Paris summit to encourage society to act in the face of the climate crisis. We are citizens, fathers and mothers, young people, NGOs, companies and public administrations, all aware of the importance of fulfilling this mission.

We want to make the whole of society AWARE of the need for urgent and joint action in the face of the climate crisis.

It is necessary that citizens, companies, public administrations and organizations act together to be able to reverse this situation.

We have created the climate crisis among all and it is our mission to disseminate, pressure and spread as many people, businesses, public administrations and organizations as possible to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, the 2030 Agenda and SDG 13, Climate Action.


As part of its mission, the Biologists’ Association aims to organise, represent, defend, promote, and advocate the progress of biology, as well as professional solidarity and the service of the profession to society.


The aim of the Chemists’ Association is to safeguard and observe the deontological and ethical social principles of the chemistry profession and their application, in addition to the constant improvement, by any means available, of the scientific, cultural, economic, and socialstandards of its members.


The essential purpose of the School is the ordination, within the scope of its competence, of the activity or exercise of the profession of geologist and the exclusive representation and defense of the interests the institution. Other specific aims are the fostering of solidarity among geologists, the management, at all levels, the qualitative and quantitative increase in jobs, as well as avoiding unlawful competition and intrusiveness in the field of activity of geologists.


The Official School of Physicists promotes and defends the professional development of physicists and promotes the knowledge of the role of physics in society. Physicists contribute to the knowledge of nature, the education of new generations and the advancement of scientific culture, as well as the improvement of health, technological innovation and environmental protection. Because physics is a science, but also a way of understanding the world.