To bring visibility to the 2030 Agenda to a wider population and offer specific solutions through a universe of audiovisual content that inspires, motivates, and demonstrates the possibility to build new models of environmental behaviour.

To connect scientists and entrepreneurs with economic and political social agents in order to bring hands-on solutions.

To give those who want to change the world an opportunity to do so, while changing themselves and creating a strong Odsider alliance.

Together the journey is easier. Together we make it possible.Change is possible and Oceania offers attainable solutions to the world´s challenges coming ahead


The OCEANIA journey is an ambitious,
multimedia, environmental project

A journey of content exploring behaviour through education based on the Social Learing theory where humans learn from others’ behaviour.

Oceania not only aims to connect people with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, but it also wants to offer new models of behaviour that can be extrapolated to our daily lives.

The project will deliver a message of hope
and unity through four content blocks


The documentary series will recount the journey of five young scientists as they travel along the Equator and from North to South in an attempt to change the world.


The fictional series will imagine the world as it would be in 2030. New environmental heroes will search for ways to reverse the world´s tendencies with new models of behaviour and attitudes in order to save our planet.


The Oceania soundtrack will become a reality thanks to the collaboration of a group of international artists. The album will consist of 17 songs dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals, culminating in an incredible concert in 2020.


A series of TV formats based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) featuring prominent figures in the world of television and culture, such as Mario Picazo, among other.

30,000 nautical miles of dialogue and cooperation along the Equator

The challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century are enormous climate change, poverty, hunger, war, migration, equal opportunities and justice and though the solutions to these challenges are collective, they rely on individual behavioural changes.

The mission of these young people is to create a global network of knowledge and solidarity that can makes the world a better place. The first part of the scientific expedition will cross the globe from east to west along the Equator that will be reflected in a documentary series.


Nautical miles


Social innovators


Countries to visit


A journey around the world
to find solutions,
new models, and alliances

The entire Oceania “Blue Sea Expedition” will have its epicenter on the Aquarela, a scientific research vessel that will serve as the pivotal point of all content and events generatedaround it.
The Aquarela will circumnavigate the globe through one of its most polluted habitats,THE OCEAN, where tons of plastic and waste accumulate.

During the journey, our protagonists will interact with local experts who have applied the SDG will provide and share the journey towards a sustainable world.

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