Leading this adventure for change


At 23, this Madrid-born woman recently graduated from veterinary school. She holds the regional record in Static Apnea in the Community of Madrid and is also the representative of the Madrid Apnea Official Team (2019).

Her goal is to “combine science, conservation and humanity in an attempt to preserve and improve the world we live in, leveraging as much knowledge as possible to, more empathically, build a place that everyone can inhabit.”

She speaks Spanish, English and French. In addition to having worked as a veterinarian assistant, she has been an intern in several clinics, hospitals and animal recovery centers.


Héctor is a process engineer, programmer and QA tester. He is an Industrial Electronic and Automatic Engineering graduate with a Masters in Industrial Automation and Information Technology by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

In addition to his work, he currently teaches lessons to children at risk of social exclusion.

He is also an experienced climber, who has engaged in this sport since the age of 15 (he is now 26). In addition, he also practices kick-boxing and Crossfit, and is a motorcycle enthusiast.


This Madrid-born 23 year-old is currently engaged in a personal project, travelling to continue with a study that started during his International Studies courses, “on the risks of acculturation of populations forced to migrate as a consequence of environmental risks caused by humans, as per the foundations of international justice, efficient international cooperation and the search for sustainability.”

His studies were also complemented by a set of internships at the Spanish Embassy in Maputo (Mozambique) related to “cultural, consular, political and administrative affairs.”


Sara recently graduated in Tourism from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid, but a couple of years earlier she decided that what she wanted to do was dedicate to the preservation of wildlife.

She specialized in sustainable tourism and started working on her own projects related with forest repopulation. She also gives talks at schools and camps, as well as conferences on “sustainable consumption habits and environmental preservation.”

Thanks to having studied tourism, working in airports and her engagement in the Erasmus program in Réunion Island, Sara is proficient in English and French.


This Valencia-born 24 year-old, a graduate of Environmental Sciences, has just returned from crossing the North Atlantic (Guadalupe – Azores – Gibraltar) on a sailboat and seems to still want to keep journeying by boat.

In addition to his career, for two years he has engaged in volunteer environmental activities with the University of Valencia. He is also an expert diver and is a certified open water diver, advanced rescue diver and deep diver.

In addition to Spanish and Valencian, he also speaks English and Portuguese.


This young 25 year-old born in Cordoba is a History major and holds two Masters’ Degrees – one in Compulsory High School Level, Professional Training and Language Education and another one in Maritime and Underwater Archaeology.

She is also a Spanish dance and classic ballet dancer and a certified open water, advanced and enriched air diver.


Marta graduated in Chemistry from Unversitat Jaume I de Castellón. She has recently received a research grant in the field of analysis methodologies (application of chromatographic techniques and mass spectrometry) from the Instituto Universitario de Plaguicidas y Aguas (Water and Pesticide University).

She speaks Spanish, Valencian and English, as well as some French and Polish.


Sergi is a young 24 year-old born in Barcelona who has a passion for the sea.

He is a biologist and is close to completing his Masters’ studies in Oceanography and Management of Marine Ecosystems at the University of Barcelona. Sergi happened to work with phytoplankton in the Atlantic Ocean and had the opportunity to participate in an oceanographic campaign in the Equatorial West Atlantic. It is for this reason that he wants to continue studying, sailing and, more importantly, protecting the oceans.


For a global awareness

Vincent Chen

Irish-Australian with Chinese ancestry. Vincent, a 28-year-old man, graduated in Fine Arts: Cinema, Television and New Media and is currently a travel filmmaker.

In the last two years he has worked for major brands and is dedicated to traveling the world meeting people, interviewing important personalities and getting spectacular images for travel companies or festivals, among others, with a unique style. In addition, he is extremely passionate about science.


Olga Natalia Treviño

This 24-year-old Mexican woman is a graduate in Administrative Chemical Engineering.

She has worked developing new products in a Sustainable Bioplastic company and is currently designing and implementing technology inclusion workshops for older adults. She has also worked in numerous volunteers on science and sustainability.


Leila Kadivar

Leila is a 28 year-old Canadian who majored in marine biology with a minor in Journalism. She is a trained scientific diver and a published author in the Dalhousie Gazette.

After studying whale behaviour off the East coast of Canada, she now lives on the West coast working as an at-sea observer. Her duties include monitoring compliance and collecting data to improve fishery management.

Laila Issa

Laila was born in Jordan, grew up in Syria and moved to California to study a Bachelor’s Degree in New Media with a minor in sustainability. After finishing her studies, she returned with his family to Syria, where she lives now.

He has worked in several productions, but in recent years she has dedicated herself to jobs related to agroecology and sustainable food systems as well as in a biodynamic farm. She has also worked trying to transmit children the importance of protecting nature and the environment.

Chris Pearce

Chris is 30 years old, born in the United Kingdom and currently living in Canada. He studied Mechanical Engineering and worked for the English navy. He has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering specialized in Advanced Materials.

He has now begun to develop his own project with the mission of “inspiring people to be themselves and create a greater impact on the world, combining adventures and life coaching.”

Fernando Ribeiro Guimaraes Turatto

This 30-year-old Brazilian currently lives and works in Portugal. He studied Business Administration in Sao Paulo and has made several months of volunteering in India and China related to Education.

His job as a consultant is especially related to renewable energy companies. Fernando is very committed to the problems that surround us and is interested in connecting with local communities to talk about what concerns them and seek, always working as a team, to get the most appropriate solution.

Zarina Kulaeva

Zarina emigrated from Russia and currently lives in Barcelona.

This 25-year-old is a Social and Cultural Anthropologist, has completed a master’s degree in Biological Anthropology and is currently doing another master’s degree in Human Rights, Democracy and Globalization.


Yannick Atuhaire

At 22,  he has already lived in 4 different countries. Yannick is currently studying Computer Science in Bangor University, Wales.

His personal experiences living in Uganda have strongly aligned him with the 2nd SDG, ‘Zero Hunger’.

Blake Carver

Blake is a young 30-year-old man who studied International Relations with a minor in Communication in Florida, in addition to having a certificate in Negotiation and Mediation.

Together with a group of friends he created his own company, where they manufacture vodka from the supra-recycling (also known as creative recycling) of baked goods.

Reyanne Mustafa

Reyanne was born in Washington and at 24 years old, she is the co-founder of a startup dedicated to reducing food waste in restaurants. She is a graduate in Food Science and Nutrition with a minor in Environmental Science and Sustainable Agriculture.

She has a recipe blog where she also publishes curious facts about nutrition, tips to generate less waste and live being more aware of the environment around us.

Michelle Poorte

Michelle is a 29-year-old Dutch woman, graduated in Systems Engineering with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Processes and Energy Technologies.

Currently she is professionally dedicated to projects related to sustainable energy.