Do you know what the
17 Sustainable Development Goals are?

Even if you don’t, you’ll hear a lot about them in the next few years.
They are 17 targets established by the UN in the 2030 Agenda to eradicate poverty and achieve a more sustainable, just world.

Their fulfilment requires the involvement of all citizens, leaving no one behind. They address fundamental human rights and focus on five main areas:
people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership.


There are people who tackle projects on their own, who serve as examples of personal will and initiative, who do not need to wait for governments and institutions to push them to take action.


Lives in Hackney, London.
One day she decided to live without plastic. Her neighbours thought it strange until she convinced them they could easily do the same. Now the whole neighbourhood is plastic-free.
photo @elpais


Aged 16, from Tenerife. His “School Under the Bridge” project for India aims to improve the infrastructure of a school in a densely populated marginal neighbourhood “so more than 30 girls can have access to a better education.”